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A webcaster (especially the smaller, independent ones) is a great means of promotion for artists.

It tends to attract more loyal and well-targeted audiences, who are more likely to want to later go out and buy a CD, a t-shirt or attend a concert.

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Recently, extensive Internet sources of pirated Dr.

Demento Shows have been shut down for legal reasons.

Those advertisers are the sole means of support for the radio show (as they are for most of the TV shows on the air today)..they have not, thus far, been willing to support Internet radio in the same way.

Typically each show runs approximately one hour and 35 minutes and includes (on average) 30 songs.

(* You may hear occasional brief promos for the Demento Society.

It lets the industry better promote material from a wider range of artists.

However, in the industry's desperate need to charge for every single use, they're effectively killing off yet another wonderful promotional vehicle.

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There is a lot of red tape involved in doing this legitimately, but we're plowing through it as fast as we can.

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