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Randall visits Howard University and has never been happier. William and Annie have the cutest stairwell chat in history. But of course, Beth and Randall’s marriage is based on trust and not keeping secrets from one another, so she is in a tough spot. Olivia (Janet Montgomery) is dark and twisty inside, but Kevin seems very into it.

Seriously, did you see how big that kid’s smile was while he was standing in the middle of the campus library? William wants to sneak out during his first night at Randall’s, so as not to cause problems, but little Annie catches him. It looks like Kate has finally started a life for herself when she takes a job assisting a woman (Jami Gertz) who runs charities or something of the sort. She tries to get Rebecca to tell Randall, but Rebecca doesn’t move fast enough. He calls the kiss one of the greatest of his life, but I’m pretty sure she was just in it for the pumpkin pie. Of the three Pearson kids, Kevin’s relationship with stepdad Miguel is the most fraught.

It was enough time to know William loved him, Randall tells her. This new peacefulness also seems to be in honor of William’s memory.

’s opening night redux, and it is quite the success.

Little Kate is so intimidated by her mother’s talent and overbearing enthusiasm, she gives up singing without even trying. There’s a heatwave in Pittsburgh, and the Pearsons meet Yvette. It’s thanks to a secret Halloween candy trade between Kevin and Billy, but Kate doesn’t need to know that. All Randall wanted to do was dress up as Michael Jackson and go on his meticulously planned trick-or-treating schedule, but instead he gets another heart-to-heart with a parent. Rebecca, on the other hand, finds it upsetting but not upsetting enough to make her rethink her next big decision … Alongside her ex-boyfriend Ben (Sam Trammell), no less. It’s a lot like Hot Sad Dad Boxing, but it may actually stick this time. Things are still rocky for the world’s most romantic couple, and since her man is struggling these days, Rebecca fills the role of Swooniest Person to Ever Swoon and takes Jack on a romantic date to get the ol’ firing going. But Jack finally begins to open up to Rebecca about some of the pain he’s feeling, and the two chat in the car. When he gets hurt during a high-school game and told he’ll never play again, it’s heartbreaking — even if the kid can be an ass.

Meanwhile, everyone thinks it’s cool for Kevin to do a terrible Mr. The gang heads to the local pool for a healthy dose of drama. It happens while Jack is off on a Be Nicer to Your Brother, Kevin Camping Trip. It brings to light Rebecca’s greatest fear: that Randall could, at any moment, be taken away from Jack and Rebecca. Rebecca’s right: Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve! It is a day of partying in which Rebecca and Jack learn that Randall is the most self-aware and self-assured 10-year-old on the planet, that Kate has some issues with her friends but not with voguing, and that Kevin (Parker Bates) is madly in love with Kate’s best friend, Sophie (Sophia Coto). Jack is less than enthused and his jealousy pushes him back to the bottle. Rebecca leaves for her tour and Jack goes after her. After an intense screaming match in which Rebecca admits to feeling like a ghost in her own life and Jack calls her “music career” ridiculous, they decide it is best to take a breather. That unconditional support will prove useful now that Jack admits he’s been drinking again. Rebecca gets her reluctant husband in the car and promises him that in a few months, everything will be better. The only one who can really comfort him is his dad. If Jack could take on his son’s pain for him, he would. William (Ron Cephas Jones) says it best: That was some thing Randall did, knocking on his door.

Raise your hand if you downloaded William’s song “We Can Always Come Back to This” and listened to it on repeat. Jack takes up boxing in order to fight his drinking problem. The Pearsons attend an extremely awkward school talent show. The Big Three get the chicken pox and Rebecca outs her mother as a racist. Okay, it’s mostly just Jack, who realizes he and Rebecca have been getting complacent and he needs to fight for his marriage before he loses it. He is cute in an “I’m so ugly and mangy please love me” sort of way. Kevin had a plan: Go to college to play football and then go pro.

Maybe that could offer some explanation as to her choices. Toby flies out to New Jersey to try and win back Kate with a very lovely speech, but hours later he collapses to the floor. William tells Randall he wants to stop his chemo treatments. Kate puts gastric bypass surgery on hold and goes to fat camp. ), Kate has an emotional breakthrough and realizes that her weight issues are very much tied to the death of her father and her inability to deal with her grief and guilt.

Even in hallucinatory form, Jack Pearson is wonderful. So it turns out Rebecca was wrong — bad things do happen on Christmas Eve! After Toby makes it through a second heart surgery, Kate unloads all of her feelings on the guy, assuming he is asleep. He hears everything she says, including that part about wanting to marry him. Don’t knock aerobic drumming class until you try it.

Rebecca has to tell Stanley that Jack isn’t coming — she also mentions that Jack is a great father, despite what Stanley did to him. Jack gives up dreams of his own company so Randall can go to private school. He almost knocks on the door, but thanks to three little bikes on the front lawn, he decides it’s not right to inject himself into Randall’s life. Rebecca discovers Kate secretly wants to go to Berklee School of Music for singing. We see Rebecca drive back to their burned-down home with Jack’s (very clean) effects with her. For Kate, that means she’s going to stop sleeping with married men, eating fast food while sitting outside the old Pearson house, and move to Los Angeles to live with her brother. You would think Kate’s plan is the sound one, but it’s Kevin who ends up getting cast in a successful television show and making millions. Rebecca reconnects with Miguel.2008 is a very sad year for Rebecca, who’s still learning how to live as a widow. Of course, the timing isn’t exactly perfect, since William is dying of cancer and only has a few months left. It happens during a physical fight in the middle of New York City, but still, it is all Randall has ever wanted from Kevin. William accidentally tells Beth that he’s met Rebecca.

Plans for Big Three Homes construction company are shoved in the bottom of a drawer when it’s clear Randall needs the challenge of a prestigious private school. What a different story this would’ve been if the Big Three had put their bikes away LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. Randall joins a dojo, Jack proves that push-ups can make humans cry. Rebecca also discovers that her daughter really, really resents her. Her scream in pain is haunting and honestly, all we can really stand at this moment. Encouraged by friends to join Facebook so that she can stay connected with her kids and see pictures of her new granddaughter, Rebecca logs in. She gets a message from Jack’s long lost best friend, Miguel. It’s not the first unfair thing in Randall’s life, nor will it be the last. In all fairness to William, he and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are totally high and he is moved by the poetry of Dudley Randall.

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After a not-so-near-death experience on a plane, Kate decides life is too short and she wants to start living her best life immediately. Randall discovers that Rebecca and William knew each other.

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