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(Clicking link leads to 500 server error at )",52,11,7, False, Nl0geb7Dqiyq_v Y.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1jl5wg, LFY3, 1371231579.0,43,,1gcmpn,"Tor is not effective against a nation state level adversary, you should OPSEC anyway",53,10,0, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1gcmpn, 1366654264.0,36,,1cvlb5,"Japanese police ask ISPs to start blocking Tor, a repost from /r/Technology",41,5,2, False, Qzy8to-nz4G7.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1cvlb5,

utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign, 1357518305.0,37,self. TOR,1637jy,14 exit nodes in a similar IP range seem to of sprung up overnight. ,52,15,2, noticed 14 exit nodes have recently come into existence in the UK.

TOR,1jomsb, Freedom Hosting and Tormail admin arrested by the FBI,82,15,10, at mode=viewthread&forum_id=1&thread=21371597248.0,62,,1gm9sy,"I used TOR for a moment today, switched back to clearnet when suddenly...",83,21,31, False, OKz Ap Mbuq8p.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1gm9sy, Z0X7w.png, 1368629662.0,63,,1edvi8,"Introducing Strongbox, a Tool for Anonymous Document-Sharing: The New Yorker",71,8,7, False, IZQ0MB8_pkk.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1edvi8, 1366226146.0,60,,1cjvse, Tor calls for help as its supply of bridges falters,72,12,14, False, Pa MJ0Sao Klv Ofky.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1cjvse, 1376140501.0,62,,1k35o1,"The Pirate Bay releases Tor-based ""Pirate Browser"" to thwart censorship",79,17,14, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1k35o1, 1375845360.0,62,,1juxth,"TOR Project advises users to stop using Windows, disable Java Script",77,15,23, False, Vdo Sv M-3Ntx Uh N.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1juxth, 1346941749.0,57,,zg85j, Feels good giving back to the network,66,9,23, False, NDo Wr GCZhy J.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_zg85j, VY.jpg, 1376399318.0,55,,1k9x9o, Fake Tor Browser Warning,70,15,10, False, HYwk E8Ma G.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1k9x9o, 1375712688.0,55,,1jqojq, Feds are Suspects in New Malware That Attacks Tor Anonymity,69,14,4, False, FXy FXR1LTRNg N.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1jqojq, 1371799277.0,57,,1gs6px, Use of Tor and e-mail crypto could increase chances that NSA keeps your data [Ars],72,15,15, False, Wb4a-Avgtw2Yie.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1gs6px, 1372709637.0,54,,1hg5b0, On July 4th join the protest against NSA surveillance.,64,10,4, False, ZQ4VFujy0Cl D9E.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1hg5b0,, 1358351856.0,57,,16otoa,"""I conceal my identity the same way Aaron was indicted for""",68,11,8, False, Ygx Oqr ANd Zi84.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_16otoa, 1371734502.0,57,,1gq49d, Make a Raspberry Pi into a Anonymizing Tor Proxy!

,68,11,9, False, ZC5YVFPTkq OMBTe.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1gq49d, 1340017974.0,55,,v7xbt, Tor developers will be doing an AMA on Thursday,61,6,4, False, Cpru7Cvo S4kun V.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_v7xbt, 1361324569.0,52,,18uvqb, Sorry...,65,13,8, False, AHCv PMh28Q.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_18uvqb, Xh I.png, 1353951553.0,51,,13tkke, Tor Project founders named 78th in Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2012,57,6,1, False, HIJG99ULkq F6V7.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_13tkke,

TOR,1fynu7, With the NSA listening to everything we do how is it that Tor is still secure and anonymous?

,55,11,26, False,self,t5_2r36m, False,,, True,t3_1fynu7, 1366311821.0,42,,1cmgos, Japan's National Police agency plans urging ISPs to block Tor,47,5,13, False, HUD5Stw BCY.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1cmgos, 1373466334.0,42,,1i0bfe, TOR goes mainstream: Article from,61,19,17, False, Nu5Kq Plhgt3Zu N.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1i0bfe, 1372412793.0,42,,1h8n0t, Crowdfunding for Tor exit relays and bridges,53,11,2, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1h8n0t, 1375641970.0,44,,1joxr6, Onion sites hacked,51,7,1, False, HTs F-HWJRYFk65T.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1joxr6, 1375476275.0,41,,1jl5wg,"Popular, science based web site bans use of TOR.

TOR,1dcaqf, People of Reddit What are your top list of hidden services?

,45,13,9, False, H8FWbv JKm JVvh.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1hmbu4, MTw U8K.png, 1359597230.0,28,,17lnya, Meet the American Company Helping Governments Spy on “Billions” of Communications,36,8,1, False, Nhdlgt JN0-.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_17lnya, 1355388157.0,34,,14rzsz, Fire Gloves: a Firefox plugin to impede fingerprinting-based tracking while maintaining browsing experience.,41,7,7, False, SAKBGBJ_e ZSTp.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_14rzsz,, 1358797535.0,29,uk,1708dp,' Dark web' warning to parents as Cleethorpes boy stumbles on grim internet underworld,43,14,51, False, Jlwob-4g EVIe.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1708dp, 1376081734.0,31,,1k1tej, New Tor Browser Bundle 17.0.8 based,40,9,4, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1k1tej,, 1370779295.0,30,,1fz7jy, PRISM vs Tor,38,8,4, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1fz7jy,, 1361913521.0,30,,19a68j, Help censored users and run one or several Tor bridges. Here is how to do it.,36,6,8, False, ZKhsu4J8XMPQp P.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_19a68j,, 1357793303.0,31,self. ,36,5,13, I'm new to TOR and was wondering what sites you go to exclusivley fo tor,, False,self,t5_2r36m, False,,, True,t3_16ap21, 1340271495.0,31,,vdike, Tor Project AMA is now live.,37,6,0, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_vdike, A/comments/vdhs8/hi_iama_we_are_core_members_of_the_tor_project/, 1372281632.0,30,,1h4vmt, Tails 0.19 is out,40,10,3, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1h4vmt,, 1346809711.0,30,,zdbkb, Bittorrent over Tor isn't a good idea | The Tor Blog,35,5,21, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_zdbkb,, 1372173089.0,28,,1h1hj4, Swiss national radio describes how Tor works and how to use it (German; audio in Swiss German),34,6,1, False, G9xa.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1h1hj4, 1371654625.0,26,,1gnq7w,"Announcing Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha1, Vidalia no longer used",34,8,4, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1gnq7w,, 1371577094.0,28,,1glhuf,"No, Facebook Is Not Deliberately Blocking Logins from TOR",31,3,0, False, IFKy St T9CE8q8.jpg,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1glhuf,Tor is unusable too.",57,16,24, False,self,t5_2r36m, False,,, True,t3_1drf5v, 1366770023.0,42,,1czdij,"Google chairman Eric Schmidt: ""I want to talk a little about Thor..."" Julian Assange: ""Tor or Thor?"" Schmidt: ""Yeah, actually I mean Tor.""",47,5,7, False,default,t5_2r36m, False,,, False,t3_1czdij, 1370747389.0,44,self.The early to mid-2000s saw the rising popularity of satire websites such as Talking and blogs like Yawning Bread and mrbrown, which offered alternative perspectives on socio-political issues from government-friendly mainstream media.In 2013, Singapore enacted a law requiring licenses for news sites that report regularly on the country, a move that critics of the ruling People’s Action Party see as an attempt to silence online dissent.

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