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Dating Coach Your Coach may make you a Pinterest page with wardrobe or hairstyle ideas to help you put your best foot forward or they may just go with you and pick out clothes and talk to the Hair Stylist or Make up Artist. For example, for one client our Dating Coach, April, met with her client to do the initial interview, which took about two hours.

Right after that she took him to the salon next door and told the stylist what to do, then she and the client drove to the mall and picked out a couple of outfits (on the sales rack) and shoes for his upcoming dates.

The programs are highly customized and the program options are listed below where you can purchase directly via Pay Pal.

We can help you to improve your skills and feel confident the next time you’re out meeting singles.The next step for him was to go on a “Pseudo date” with one of Luxe Matchmaking .The information from the pseudo date provided April with real feedback on things that he could do differently to help improve his chances for success.Of course, many things will cause you to step out of your comfort zone, which is necessary to make changes and get different results.After all, the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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