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Pacman, 747, Chachi and Millie are all from America, but Moon is from China and Jaja from Czech Republic, she only got her green card in the last year.Ia Mm E is still a young group, considering 1 of their members has only been in the US for a short while, and they haven’t been dancing as a group of 6 for more than a year or two.

All responded initially to therapy with hydroxyurea with control of leukocytosis and reduction in splenomegaly.Di (Moon) Zhang, Brandon (747) Harrell, Phillip (Pacman) Chbeeb, Olivia (Chachi) Gonzales, Emilio (Millie) Dosal, and Dzajna (Jaja) Vankova are the members of Ia Mm E (Inspire, Motivate, Energize).Their formation is slightly confusing to me, but it involved the coming together of people from 3 different countries and even more ethnicities; it involved the coming together of 6 incredible minds.Three patients eventually became refractory to hydroxyurea, manifesting progressive neutrophilia without blastic transformation.Aggressive chemotherapy to control progressive leukocytosis resulted in death due to cytopenias in two of these patients.

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Anyway, I’ve been playing around with Audiotool for over a year now and I finally made something I thought was worth publishing.

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