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Stations can air no more than 12 minutes of advertisements each hour on weekdays and 10½ minutes per hour on weekends.

In addition, the FCC also has a very strict policy that an advertisement for a product tie-in for the program being aired is not allowed in any form, or else the entire program will be classified as a violating half-hour program length commercial according to the agency's definition, even if one second of a show's character or reference is seen in an advertisement.

More recently, in the late 2000s, the teen-oriented Canadian drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation and Edgemont were sold into U. syndication (with stations often omitting certain episodes) to be used to count towards E/I quotas, because of their depiction of teen social issues such as bullying and sexual identity.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that every full-service broadcast television station in the U. air at least three hours of these programs every week to retain their station license.This requirement only applies to commercial and non-commercial broadcast television stations that are either licensed as a full-power or Class A outlet.Cable television, Internet television and non-Class A low-power broadcasting channels are exempt from FCC regulations for television programming, although some do place an "E/I" bug or descriptor on programs containing educational content, mainly to differentiate E/I-compliant shows from non-compliant programs within electronic program guides and other program listings services.Collegiate institutions offer distance education, a curated form of educational television, which is unique to public and educational access cable channels and is also carried by some public television stations.Which shows qualify as "E/I" is determined by the Federal Communications Commission, which enforces the regulations.

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Under the new rule, all full-service stations that operate digital signals must carry the minimum weekly three hours of E/I programming on all of their digital channels, regardless of the type of content they carry (such as news, weather or niche entertainment programming).

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