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Generally speaking, there are many old Japanese who think first and foremost of Akihabara as a major shopping district in Tokyo for household electronic goods.More recently, younger generations view this area as the center of youth-oriented pop culture where gadget geeks, ardent manga fans, and patrons of maid cafés gather.But I soon became aware that misinformation not only came from abroad.

I’ve witnessed high school girls apparently in the age range of 16–18, working as part-timers distributing fliers to male passersby.

Next, I moved on to the fact-finding investigation of child prostitution in Akihabara that has been rumored for some time as the center of sex-related business involving female students.

Again, it is true that services like taking a stroll with or receiving simple massages from a high school girl rapidly spread in this district from around 2006 when the maid café boom began to subside.

At the same time, I became curious about why they have come to view this town with such a negative image. Department of State released a report in 2014 that pointed out the negligence of the Japanese government in preventing the trafficking and smuggling of many Asian teenagers of both genders for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.

I admit that Japan has, for quite a while, been the target of criticism for being soft on regulatory measures to control sex-related businesses involving young girls. This report also indicated that teenage Japanese girls are engaging in prostitution in public areas, including subways and schools.

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  1. Experts said the scammers will operate in teams and may work off scripts. Army Criminal Investigation Command has issued warnings about scammers who claim to be military members.