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Watch our breathtaking free mature Bbw porn tube videos online - you can lose control of the throbbing monster in your pants!Those are not mere allegations - we know what we say because we understand how thrilling all our xxx movies are! Please make sure you are in a safe place and that you are using a secure device and Internet connection.Please note that while we have taken numerous measures to keep your communications safe while using our site, no Internet transmission is 100% secure.The government prosecuted 11 individuals in four trafficking cases under Article 113, and secured convictions of nine trafficking offenders, all of whom were sex trafficking offenders, compared with 11 convictions in the previous reporting period.The government has never prosecuted an offender of labor trafficking, and the Supreme Court’s narrow interpretation of Article 113 serves as an impediment to the prosecution of labor trafficking cases in Mongolia.Mongolia prohibits all forms of human trafficking through Article 113 of Mongolia’s Criminal Code, which was amended in 2007 and which prescribes penalties that are sufficiently stringent – up to 15 years’ imprisonment – and commensurate with those penalties prescribed for other serious offenses, such as rape.

Anecdotal reports continue to indicate that South Korean and Japanese tourists engage in child sex tourism in Mongolia.The Government of Mongolia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.The government sustained partnerships with NGOs on anti-trafficking prevention measures.In October 2009, Mongolian courts ordered trafficking offenders to compensate five victims trafficked to Macau ,000 each, in addition to significant imposed jail sentences; this decision is under appeal.According to Mongolian law, criminal cases are only initiated upon a victim’s complaint, and victims are required to assist in the prosecution of their traffickers.

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In September 2009, due to the misclassification of a trafficking case that was prosecuted under Article 124 instead of Article 113, the government granted amnesty to a trafficker who was convicted of raping and forcing a girl into prostitution.

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