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Fast forward to 2017 when I bought a cheap EDT of whatever recent formulation. I can't imagine how I would survive if it had been a spray. However, I actually don't have "summer perfumes" and Passion seems ok for summer nights (okay, once I also wore it to the beach lol). Ingredients wise, they are of good quality, perfectly blended to compliment a fur coat, a diamond necklace, a beautiful dress. The drydown is Opium style: strong but pleasant powder. I can't believe I wore this in the early 90s, when I was about 13-14 years old. But being from a small town, I didn't have a lot of perfume, so when I got a mini of this (parfum if memory serves) it was my only perfume and I loved it- regardless of what it smelled like... but I did buy more of it after the first mini, so I must have liked it. It starts out very high pitched aldehydes on a smoky background. Relying on reviews, I was expecting something old-fashioned, tacky and maybe even hideous. I find it simmilar to vintage Poison but lighter and less boozy, more elegant and less provocative. Now it is summer in my country, so I will explore it more when autumn starts. Having no idea how the current formula fares, Passion smells expensive, glamorous.The musk and leather notes stand out in the miniature splash.The splash is straight out of another era, even before the 80's, perhaps the 30's and 40's. I took a sniff of the dabber that I have and it tried to reach out and strangle me. I discreetly followed my fellow patron out, silently swooning in sniffing bliss, my own balminess thoroughly wrapped in her majestic sillage. and it;s a very strong after a lot of emotional decissions made during her lifestyle. A perfume with Elizabeth Taylor's name was a major happening back in the day, and smelling my vintage bottle I have no doubt that a) Liz was definitely a perfume lover and user, b) she must have participated actively in its conception and c) she was determined to put Passion up there with Coco, Mystère, Poison and the other expensive best sellers. Passion radiates off me and is dark gothic powdery purple incense with an animalic edge. The opening is very smokey, civet, tobacco, and leather, a very vamp-y combination. It had great staying power from what I remember This is powerful stuff. A smell so great as to squelch even the fetor of this notoriously stanky (though rigorously attended) public toilet... Somebody (black t-shirt, perfect dip dye curls) was putting on far too much "Angel". It comes from an era when a famous person would sign a perfume that they would actually wear and take pride for creating.

I carefully placed a tiny drop on my wrist and another on my neck. I have the original formula (edt, yellow diamond on the bottle and the cap with purple "stone"). It's scent of a woman who had a lot of lovers maybe she is after couple divorces.. This ain't a cheapo, though it's price might make you think so.

It was on the set of 'Cleopatra' the biggest & most costliest movie in the world in 1963, when she met and famously fell in love with Richard Burton whom she married and divorced twice and there was a rumour they were to marry for the 3rd time but sadly he died.

I am sure when Elizabeth Taylor designed this fragrance she thought about the classic 'Art Deco' Era.

Feels like they were trying to create a distant cousin of Poison, but fell short. There is something about this perfume and my body chemistry that results in a divine scent. The peach starts coming out after 10-20minutes and gives the scent just the right balance. She has encapsulated all emotion and love and it is as it says on the box! Top notes - Aldehydes, Mandarin,bergamot, citrus es, Mid - ylang-ylang, honey, Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose. I am addicted to this spray a small amount on your skin only, from beginning to end, the drydown is AMAZING!

I keep trying but am largely content to ignore it turns very soapy/powdery on me and not in a way that I can appreciate as one who enjoys wearing the stronger/mature fragrances. At first I wasn't impressed but after a while it seemed to melt with my skin and became a bit sweeter...wonderful, heady (definitely a winter scent for me) and warm. This fragrance is so Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.

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It's inexpensive, but gosh it doesn't smell inexpensive. The civet/animal scent doesn't go "sour" on's just gripping. I hadn't realized that what I smelled on that drugstore shelf was a reformulation.

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