Cross dating in dendrochronology douglass

At the beginning of the growing season, when conditions are optimum, the vascular cambium produces many files of large xylem cells that form wood.As the conditions become less optimal, the size and number of cells produced decreases until growth stops at the end of the growing season.

The Oldest Tree The Methuselah Tree, mentioned above, is the oldest known living tree.It has the advantage of being applicable to any item made of organic material but the disadvantage of having a built-in uncertainty of 2 percent or more.Tree-ring chronologies provide an absolute date against which radiocarbon analyses of wood samples from a site can be compared.This instrument works like a hollow drill that is screwed into a tree by hand.When the borer reaches the center of the tree it is unscrewed, and the wood core sample inside is withdrawn with the borer.

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In this way archaeologists could calculate the age of pre-Columbian southwestern ruins, such as the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, Arizona, by cross-dating living trees with dead trees and the latter with timbers from the sites.

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