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Hey guys thanks for having me, I have several cars from 66,67 chevelles to 428 Cobra,my question is about a1963 Galaxie Country Sedan Amblewagon. I am putting a 65 Chevelle together and I am going to put a 700R4 overdrive transmission into it.Someone told me that I would have to make the tunnel modifications to do this. my son has inherited a restored model A 1930 4 door coupe ,needs some engine work ,is in Madisonville la/Covington la area ,how do I go about getting appraisal to sell this care ,and how do I sell i...The existing Windshield Gasket is in excellent shape, and thus ... Does anyone know a good mechanic to help me finish it off? To honor our WWII veterans, we are trying to reach out to classic car owners who would want to participate in the parade and have a WWI...Purchased a Aftermarket A/C system from Nostalgic A/C parts for my 78 C10 non A/C truck. I live in Greenbelt MD and due to health issues am unable to ... I am restoring a 1935 Ford Delux 4 Door Convertible.Back in 2011, 12 there was a builder who opened shop down by the river. I have a 5.0 Liter fuel injected 1985 T-Top Pontiac Trans Am (oversized fan, oversized radiator-can provide receipts)-sputters like a choo-choo train (won't run smoothly). Why does my new clutch not want to engage after holding it down at stop light etc.Turning left heading south, the street just before the bridge. It will engage enough to move the car and eventually come back after a few minutes of driving. I am just getting started with this car, and restoration.Looking for a convertible- Caddy or Lincoln Continental or anything like it from t... Ran all checks on vacume part of system that pulls secondarys open and that part is working Fine. I have approximately 30-35 GM Glass boxes with windows (NIB) for 1935-1948 Chevy. Was not getting the usual power from it when stepping down on accelerator. My dad and I are trying to restore a KB-1 that is all original and in very good condition.We have found a 1968 Camaro in Afghanistan and are rebuilding it - we are struggling to find parts and are hoping to find a US company that can provide either a reconditioned engine or parts for the ... I am not a collector so seeking individual(s) who is interested in buying these parts. Pulled air breather off and ran engine to full throttle. However, we are having difficulty locating window regulators, and other parts. Hello Fellow Car Enthusiasts: My 1976 BMW, Model 2002, 2-DR Hardtop is in need of a NEW TINTED WINDSHIELD (after market if possible). I am spearheading an effort for the Carmel 4th of July parade.

My Challenger rear bumper has two bumper spaces with rubber inserts. What are the two silver buttons on the top of the quarter panel?

I need a good body shop to help me with some of my body issues.

I do not mind paying for my work but would like someone who is reasonable and wi...

But on rare occasions I may choose to drive "into" the dark. Also, I expect to have a qualified mechanic inspect this yearly. I have to sell my 88 because I have no more room to put it. GM put 14 inch wheels on all 1979 El Caminos according to GM historical files. I wonder if I can keep my power booster that came with the car. Currently I have a 1956 olds engine installed in a 1947 Ford. I can turn the key off and actually start the car while coasting, or drop it in 4th gear and have it restart that way. I have a 1939 Chevy coup that belonged to my late husband.

Need to know how to sell it to someone who appreciates a bea... I would like to convert to two wheel disc in the front. I am missing the left one but cannot find the base chrome spacer that attaches to the bumper. They look like they might be the top of a recessed antenna, but they are not, plus there is one on each side. I have a 65 GTO that while driving the car will turn off.

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any one help me on this,building a hot rod out of a 29 whippet frame and 27 touring front half,need to know what the missing frame id tag looked like and i think the location was on the right rear f... I am trying to find a car that my father, Galen Basinger, owned back in the early '70's.

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