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Claire I must admit in the last 48 hrs I have had some moments were I have wondered if I have actually wanted to do this, but looking at him now I'm OK. Narration Coeliac disease is the technical term for a powerful allergy to gluten. Judy Noonan Yes, and that could go on for some hours Narration So why try worms?

The were forced to eat bread Judy Noonan Oh that, that was not a happy week .

Dr Jonica Newby so do you think there is one going in? But given that we co-evolved with worms, some scientists now believe getting rid of them has created new problems. Narration John now had a supply of lab worms Well spare you the details about how he harvests them.

Narration You may have had this idea described as the hygiene hypothesis, and its long been a hobby horse of gastroenterologist Dr John Croese. A year ago Judy was desperate enough to sign up for Johns first trial despite her squeamishness Judy Noonan I thought at first we had to swallow ...

I can see that I dont have the um regular bouts of the runs that I used to get.

I just think it has to have been my little friends in there that are working away and making that happen Narration And in fact some of the people who missed out last time have come back for this second trial, determined to play host to these little parasites.

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