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47 Squadron replacing its Halifax A Mk 9s with Hastings in September October 1948, flying its first sortie to Berlin on 11 November 1948.

The Hastings fleet was mainly used to carry coal, with two further squadrons, 297 and 53 joining the airlift before its end.

Manchester production continued until November of that year but some aircraft still in production were completed as Lancasters.

The majority of Lancasters built during the war years were manufactured by Avro at their factory at Chadderton near Oldham, Greater Manchester, and test flown from Woodford Aerodrome in Cheshire.

To this end two step rudder pedals were introduced into the Spitfire so that once in combat the pilot put his feet on the second step.

Only 300 of the Lancaster B II fitted with Bristol Hercules engines were constructed; this was a stopgap modification caused by a shortage of Merlin engines as fighter production was of higher priority.

Many BII's were lost after running out of fuel The Lancaster B III had Packard Merlin engines but was otherwise identical to contemporary B Is, with 3,030 B III's built, almost all at Avro's Newton Heath factory.

At the time, it was the largest transport plane ever designed for the RAF, and it replaced the Avro York as the standard long-range transport.

The Hastings was rushed into service because of the Berlin Airlift, with No.

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